Whitney Licata blends functionality with art to create designs that are as wearable as they are aesthetically interesting. For her, design should serve a purpose beyond the simplicity of wear. When creating garments that combine technical skill, quality and purpose, the intention is for the garment to be visually compelling and to last, after all sustainability is the future of our industry.

My Story

Originally from the NYC metro area, I spent the last 8 years in Denver, Colorado before transplanting to Los Angeles in pursuit of a design career in the abundant fashion industry that Los Angeles has to offer. Albeit a deep-rooted love affair with the great outdoors, design captures my attention that stimulates my creative depth. Design encompasses societal and cultural allegories; allows me to use problem solving and inspiration to create a strategic union; and grants me the ability to work with and for an array of personalities.

I am equipped with the knowledge of garment design and construction, technical design, flat & computerized pattern making, and draping; as well a plethora of skills in various Adobe Creative Suite programs through my BA in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Colorado. I have done independent contract work that has given me the ability to act as both a garment designer and technical designer.

I am inspired by people who have worked their magic in the world by walking a different path. I more often than not, find beauty in imperfections, in mystique, in stories, and in adventure. I draw from this inspiration in design and in my life. In my free time, I listen to rock-n-roll, attend hot yoga classes, hike and backpack through America's countryside, seek art, food and culture in the cities, and travel- sacrificing my comfort for a life well lived and well explored. I believe in authenticity, community, and sustainability.